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Tournament Tips

I've always been a big fan of tournaments and at the time of writing I've been to 14 events this year and have tickets for another 5 before the end of the year. Tournaments attract people for many different reasons, for some its the challenge of seeing how well they do against some of the top players in the country and for others its simply down to having a weekend of 40k fun and shenanigans. Regardless of the reasons behind wanting to attend tournaments here are a few things to keep in mind to make it a much more enjoyable event for all involved.

Pre-Tournament The run up to an event can be just as important as the event itself and a lot of the time its something that gets overlooked. The majority of us don't throw together an army at the last minute and simply turn up to play and for the most part you will spend days / weeks agonising over which list to bring.

Rules Packs Always, always, read the rules pack before attending an event. I've done it in the past where yo…

When is your army actually finished?

Gamers are hoarders, plain and simple. We all have those things that we bought and have no clue what to do with but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Or that pot of paint of nauseating blue, sickening pink or something similar that we never use but it would be absolutely perfect for some project you thought of doing 12 years ago and still haven't got around to yet. Not to mention bits boxes which could probably be used to build 3 entire armies and simply keeps growing no matter how often you organise and sort it out.

This became more apparent to me when I was going through my paint desk and deciding on what actually needed doing next. Rather than actually painting anything I decided to make a list of what needed doing. This turned into making a list of what I have and then into what I needed to purchase next. We all know making any sort of list of this type should never ever be done by a gamer. Adding prices onto how you have spent on the hobby over the years is a deep dark …

Put the wraiths back in 5th edition where they belong.

As a Necron player obviously I have wraiths, probably more than I should have to be perfectly honest but I rarely use them on the field. Clearly wraiths are good and a formidable force on the table top but I still can't wrap my head around why so many other Necron players use these as a go to, and in some cases almost mandatory, choice when selecting an army. This has never been more apparent than earlier this week when the highly anticipated tournament Caledonian Revolution published their list submissions and I was shocked to find that out of the 11 Necron players attending 9 of them have wraiths in their list, typically as part of the canoptek harvest formation. So, why do people use them and are they any good?

To do any sort of meaningful comparison I took a look into all of the assault based units within the codex and mathammered the whole thing out as equally as possible and even though what I suspected turned out to be true I surprised myself with some of the numbers coming…

Guide to Codex Creep

Welcome to Scoffers guide to Warhammer 40k Codex Creep. Within this guide you will find several ways that will help you deal with Games Workshops rapid release schedule that we have been bombarded with over the past year or so. There will be tips on how to deal with knee jerk reactions, impulse buying and how to handle "that there internet" and some advice on how to stay ahead with the latest 5 minute wonders as well as how you should properly display your outrage at the latest release. So sit back, take a bunch of Prozac, boot up your favourite ranting forum and prepare to annihilate another keyboard with your views on the matter.

1. What is codex creep?
2. What options do I have for new releases?
3. Should I play with this new formation?
4. How should I properly present my outrage of something I don't like?
5. Disclaimer

1. What is codex creep?

For most of us this is something that is fairly self explana…

WPS Club Challenge Tournament

Last weekend I attended a very different type of event that took the form of the WPS Club Challenge. This event has been running every year since 1997 so has a long history with much rivalry between the clubs and promotes a fun weekend across 5 different systems which encourages friendly and sportsmanlike games. This was certainly not a win-at-all-costs type of event but obviously everyone likes a shiny trophy so....

The event was running 5 different systems which were 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Blood Bowl, Warmachine and (for the first time this year) X-wing. To be eligible  to win one of the system shields you needed to enter at least 2 club players for that system and for the overall club challenge shield you needed a minimum of 6 players entered over 3 different systems. Each system also had trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, most sporting and best painted. Because it was also a club challenge you would never play one of your own team and if it could be avoided you wouldn't play the sam…

Why you should beat your kids

Obviously I'm talking about beating your kids at 40k, not just actually beating them with a stick. Of course, some kids actually deserve being beaten with a stick but that is a whole different topic. I'm talking about teaching your children how to play 40k how it was intended to be played. Utterly crushing an opponent and achieving the maximum amount of victory points you are able to gain during the game.

Firstly I'd like to cover why you should teach your kids to play 40k in the first place, or indeed any
time of competitive game. I remember a few years ago being accosted by one of "those" types of parents while picking my sons up from school who accused me of bad parenting because I allow my children to play violent games at home and she would never allow her son (probably called Sebastian or Tarquin) to behave in such uncivilised activities. Instead of punching her in the face like I wanted to do I went on to explain, at length, why I allow my kids to play th…

Appropriate List Building?

I always find it hard to come up with an appropriate list for certain events and pick up games and as a result I tend to fall into the trap of just taking either one extreme or another. In particular I've found myself turning up to a tournament with a woefully inadequate build when I'm looking across the tables or I find myself in the opposite situation where I'm apologising to my opponent before the game even begins.

This became evident most recently when I went to a venue to participate in their escalation league match. Over the past few weeks we all started off with a 500 point game, went up to 1,000 points and then onto the 1,500 point limit. All of these are scripted scenarios with special missions and for my 1500 point game I was playing someone I have never met before so had no idea what I would be going up against. From asking around I found out two things about my opponent before our match, firstly they played Eldar and the second thing was that they had tabled bo…

How broken does it have to be?

I attended another single day 40k tournament last weekend and I was planning on doing a full battle report but in hindsight this probably wouldn't be the most riveting read. The reason for this was simply down to how I built my list and what it contained. My plan for this tournament was plain and simple, I had 2 sentry pylons on the shelf which I've only ever used once and never really tried them so it was a good excuse to dust them off and finally get them painted. I also had a tomb citadel which has only been used twice in the 12 months I've owned it and it was still unpainted.....

A couple of days before the tournament I got the airbrush out and managed to get them finished so knew I wanted these in the list. I also knew that the tournament itself allows 2 sources so it was list building time. Realizing that it would end up being a small model count list and then decided to make it into a challenge for the lowest model count I could muster while still being able to hold…

Is 40k Competitive?

There seems to be a lot of muttering on the subject all over the internet, from blog articles, forum posts and facebook discussions asking if the game we all love is actually competitive or not. The majority of these articles tend to be citing things such as randomness of dice, army imbalance, terrain, lighting, local weather conditions and pretty much everything in between leaning towards the fact that the game is not competitive at all.

Lets take a look for a moment at the definition of competition:

Is 40k competitive?  When you get right down to it, 40k is a game designed around 2 players taking an army each and trying to achieve objectives in order to win the game. Throw this into a tournament setting and you have a hundred people facing off against each other trying to decide who comes out on top. This fits the definition of competition as defined above.

The question that is being asked throughout the internet about the competitiveness of 40k is actually not disputing this; inste…