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Necron Codex Review: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Necron codex review. Part 1 can be found Here and again, this may well be a long post where I intend to cover the Mephrit Dynasty found in Exterminatus suppliment, the Mephrit resurgence decurion, the Decurion detachment found in the codex as well as all the relics and formations that can be combined with each of them.

Mephrit Dynasty Resurgence Decurion This is a white dwarf exclusive found in issue 47 and is very reminiscent of the early days of 5th edition Necrons. If you ever wanted to play a hoard Necron force this is the one for you and it offers very resilient basic troops. The formation is made up of 2 units of warriors, 2 units of Immortals and a single Monolith but it also gets the Locus of Resurrection special rule which means that at the start of the movement phase the Monolith can repair D6 warriors or D3 Immortals in the same way that a ghost ark can. Interestingly enough if you use this formation and the minimum choices for a combined arms detac…

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Necron Codex Review: Part 1

Well its been a couple of weeks now since the new Codex reanimated (see what I did there?) and I must say I'm very impressed with what I have seen so far. With 3 games under my belt using the new Crons in various incarnations I figured it was time for a blow by blow run down. Please keep in mind these are my own opinions based on play testing, theory and mathhammer where appropriate. Results may vary....

Part one will start by giving a run down of the various slots and units contained within them. Part two will concentrate on the Decurion detachment which will be looked at separately along with the various formations and finally the Mephrit Dynasty from Shield of Baal: Exterminatus.

HQ We now have a whopping 11 choices to pick from for our HQ and almost everything got a points reduction across the board with the exception of crypteks who have changed drastically. 
Overlord and Lords Overlords which used to be the power houses of the old codex have now become a lot more balanced wh…

That's no moon! Necron Death Star

Necrons have always struggled to organise an effective death star unit in the previous codex but with the new edition it seems Necron death stars are not only viable but down right filthy as well.
This first one was sent in by a source that wishes to remain anonymous. As an alternative I have included my own take on the same kind of list with the difference being RP on the wraiths and losing both objective secured and preferred enemy.
Submitted listRoyal Court Formation(+Move through cover, +Relentless, Zandrekh warlord, 1st turn zealot, chooses a replacement trait each turn after first, can't take same twice)

Nemesor Zahndrekh [warlord] 150 Vargard Obyron 120
Lord Warscythe res orb 95
Lord Warscythe res orb 95
Orikan the Diviner 120
Cryptek Solar Staff 80
Cryptek Veil of darkness 90

Combined Arms Crons (for ob sec Immortals)

Overlord Nightmare shroud Warscythe Phase shifter 160
Destroyer lord War scythe 130

5 Immortals in a Nightscythe 215
5 Immortals in a Nightscythe 215

3 Tomb…

How to do it Wrong

Common mistakes and misconceptions in Necron army building

The Necron codex has been out just under a week and so far I seem to be inundated with lots of questions, mainly around how to actually use the Decurion detachment or just general confusion around how to actually build a Necron force.
With the introduction of Formations and the Decurion detachment a Necron player now has multiple ways of building a viable force which we will go through as well as some common misconceptions that seem to be popping up all over the internet. 
Detachments So first off, what is a detachment? Simply put its a collection of units that make up your army. Otherwise known as the force organisation chart this will detail what is a mandatory choice and what is optional. The rule book shows two examples of these one of which is the Combined Arms Detachment (or CAD) and the second is an Allied Detachment. The Necron codex also introduces a third detachment in the form of the Decurion.

Your army can be made …

Destroyers Vs Tomb Blades: Mathhammer

With my shiny new Necron codex in hand I quickly decided to do a run through and a couple of things immediately jumped out at me. These of course being Tomb Blades and Destroyers. For a long time I've had 15 destroyers sat on the shelf gathering dust from a while ago that I've never really found a place for in the last edition of the codex but with the bump they have now received it does look as though they might be used.

So what's the deal? I will be doing a full codex review at some point in the future but more specifically for this article I wanted to do a comparison specifically between the Tomb Blades and destroyers. As with most cases when building a list I take two units and think "Which is better?". For me better is always a fluid notion as it depends on what the roll is I want them to play on the tabletop. In some cases better could mean they are more survivable, more manoeuvrable for grabbing objectives, more destructive or in some cases whichever I lik…