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How broken does it have to be?

I attended another single day 40k tournament last weekend and I was planning on doing a full battle report but in hindsight this probably wouldn't be the most riveting read. The reason for this was simply down to how I built my list and what it contained. My plan for this tournament was plain and simple, I had 2 sentry pylons on the shelf which I've only ever used once and never really tried them so it was a good excuse to dust them off and finally get them painted. I also had a tomb citadel which has only been used twice in the 12 months I've owned it and it was still unpainted..... A couple of days before the tournament I got the airbrush out and managed to get them finished so knew I wanted these in the list. I also knew that the tournament itself allows 2 sources so it was list building time. Realizing that it would end up being a small model count list and then decided to make it into a challenge for the lowest model count I could muster while still being able to hol

Is 40k Competitive?

There seems to be a lot of muttering on the subject all over the internet, from blog articles, forum posts and facebook discussions asking if the game we all love is actually competitive or not. The majority of these articles tend to be citing things such as randomness of dice, army imbalance, terrain, lighting, local weather conditions and pretty much everything in between leaning towards the fact that the game is not competitive at all. Lets take a look for a moment at the definition of competition: Is 40k competitive?  When you get right down to it, 40k is a game designed around 2 players taking an army each and trying to achieve objectives in order to win the game. Throw this into a tournament setting and you have a hundred people facing off against each other trying to decide who comes out on top. This fits the definition of competition as defined above. The question that is being asked throughout the internet about the competitiveness of 40k is actually not disputing

Pride and Betrayal

Last weekend I attended The Outpost in Sheffield for their monthly 40k tournament. So far with the new codex I've had about a dozen games and still trying to find my feet with it (there is just so much I want to try!) but I was struggling to decide what to bring. I knew I wanted to try out the Decurion detachment in a tournament setting and so the reclamation legion was going to make up the core of my army. I also wanted to try out some sort of death star either with Lychguard or Praetorians with a royal court attached but since this event was allowing Lords of War I figured that maybe a bad choice as a couple of D weapon hits can really ruin a death stars day. In the end I decided on the following list: Reclamation Legion Overlord, phase shifter, nightmare shroud, warscythe, gauntlet of fire 5 Immortals in Night Scythe 3 Tomb blades with 3+ armour, particle beamer, ignore cover 10 warriors in a ghost ark 10 warriors in a ghost ark Annihilation Nexus - Doomsday cannon, 2