Pride and Betrayal

Last weekend I attended The Outpost in Sheffield for their monthly 40k tournament. So far with the new codex I've had about a dozen games and still trying to find my feet with it (there is just so much I want to try!) but I was struggling to decide what to bring. I knew I wanted to try out the Decurion detachment in a tournament setting and so the reclamation legion was going to make up the core of my army. I also wanted to try out some sort of death star either with Lychguard or Praetorians with a royal court attached but since this event was allowing Lords of War I figured that maybe a bad choice as a couple of D weapon hits can really ruin a death stars day. In the end I decided on the following list:

Reclamation Legion
Overlord, phase shifter, nightmare shroud, warscythe, gauntlet of fire
5 Immortals in Night Scythe
3 Tomb blades with 3+ armour, particle beamer, ignore cover
10 warriors in a ghost ark
10 warriors in a ghost ark

Annihilation Nexus - Doomsday cannon, 2 annihilation barges
Annihilation Nexus - Doomsday cannon, 2 annihilation barges

The doomsday cannons have been sat gathering dust for over a year and with the changes to the annihilation barges I wasn't sure if the points increase would make these worthwhile but figured it was worth a try. It also gave me 8 armour 13 vehicles on the table which can be tough to shift.

The Outpost has its own slightly modified rules pack and the secondary objectives for all the games were slay the warlord, line breaker and first strike. First strike is basically first blood but it can only be gained in the first turn and both players have a chance to get it by fully destroying a unit.

Round 1

The first game was Scouring using the hammer and anvil deployment and my opponent was Tom Gould who was using a very typical Tau gun line using the Farsight enclave for cheap troops. 12 Broadsides, 16 missle drones, 3 squads of pathfinders with marker lights, 2 crisis suits, 3 crisis suits  a single riptide and an ethereal all behind an aegis defence line. I knew I was going to struggle in this game with the sheer amount of strength 7-8 shooting, ignores cover from the marker lights, two squads of broadsides both having tank hunter and the fact that it was hammer and anvil deployment meant I needed to get close as soon as possible.

After we had both deployed the objectives in Toms deployment zone turned out to be worth 4 and 3 vps while those in my own were 2 and 3. In the middle of the table around the half way line were the remaining 1 and 2 point which meant I would certainly have to push to get onto these objectives as early as possible and weather the incoming fire. Tom was going first and moved his riptide down his left flank towards my doomsday cannon, 2 barges and my tomb blades which were all in ruins trying to say out of line of sight.  The riptide managed to fail its overcharge and take a wound and the first round of shooting took a hull point off one of my ghost arks and destroyed one of the annihilation barges. I think I got extremely lucky this turn as it could have been a lot worse. My first turn was spent moving up, the tomb blades jumped into cover around the middle of the board and thanks to the ignores cover and 3 small blasts wiped out one of the pathfinder units. The rest of my shooting was pretty much wasted as everything I targeted went to ground for a 2 + cover save and Tom used his warlord trait the following turn to get them all back up again.

Turn 2 was were most of the action was with Tom moving his riptide further down the field towards my doomsday cannon, both his crisis suit units deepstriking into my backfield between my two doomsday cannons and then unleashing everything he had. He destroyed a doomsday cannon on my left, a ghost ark that was near the middle of the table and one of my annihilation barges. He would have managed to get both doomsday cannons but it managed to jink a couple of penetrating hits. He also charged his riptide into my remaining doomsday cannon and decided to smash....which missed. For my turn the tomb blades moved up further and took out another pathfinder unit while the remaining annihilation barges took the last pathfinder unit down to 1 guy. Since this essentially meant he had no more marker lights left it should keep my stuff alive a little longer. In my back field the doomsday cannon that jinked moved 12" further up the field in order to get line of sight for next turns shooting and used its gauss flayers to fire at the riptide and broadside suits. My nightsythe came on and dropped off the immortals and lord near the riptide, I did try the cheeky nightmare shroud ability to force a break test on the riptide but he passed his leadership. The warriors that were in the ghost ark that was destroyed moved back towards the crisis suits and the remaining ghost ark opened fire at one of the crisis suits and some missile drones. With all the shooting from everything I managed to clear out a large chunk of his missile drones, one of the crisis suit squads, half the other squad of crisis suits and leave his riptide on 1 wound. The warriors from the ghost ark rapid fired into the crisis suits and then charged due to relentless to take out the last of the crisis suits leaving only the badly wounded riptide in my deployment.

Turn 3 onwards...
At the start of turn 3 the riptide decided to overcharge and failed killing itself. Tom thought the riptide had 2 wounds left as he forgot about the overcharge from turn 1. I did offer to let him take it back and not try it but he graciously said no, it was too late. This pretty much left my back field empty of enemy units. Tom then put everything he had into trying to kill the tomb blades which were out in the open at this point. Taking fire from the remaining broadsides and 3-4 gun drones that were left alive they managed to pass all of their 3+ armour saves and 4+ reanimation against all but 1. Losing 1 tomb blade to that many shots showed both of us just how durable the new necrons are, they just refuse to die. My immortals jumped back into the nightscythe and moved into the middle of the table hoping to contest one of his objectives from turn 4 and 5 and I had positioned myself on both my back objectives (for 5 VP's) and both middle objectives (for 3 points). Since Tom had 7 vps in his deployment zone I would need to hold all of these objectives if I was to win the game. By turn 5 we had whittled each other down to the point where I had 2 annihilation barges on the objective worth 1 VP (better cover) and a ghost ark on the objective worth 2. On turn 5 he managed to remove the ghost ark and 3 of the warriors. He also managed to remove the flyer and the tomb blades which meant there was no way I could get to his objectives in the back field to contest and he couldn't get to mine. It would all come down to the two objectives in the middle and I needed both to win by 1 vp. The game carried on to turn 6 with one of the broadside units moving out of the defence line and heading to contest one of the objectives, he was too far out to contest this turn but would make it by turn 7 if the game continued. My shooting in turn 6 left this broadside unit with 1 guy on 1 wound. Game continued to turn 7 and it was pretty much Tom moved his remaining wounded broadside to contest the middle objective and cleared out the warriors which were holding it. For my turn I moved an annihilation barge back onto the objective to contest it and it came down to 2 annihilation barges, 10 warriors, 5 immortals and a doomsday cannon to put 1 wound on the broadside for a win. Doomsday cannon scattered and missed by a mile, everything else opened up but nothing got through the 2+ armour save and the game ended.

It was a very close game and when we added up the points at the end I realized you get 1 point for killing fast attack which would be his pathfinders. For some reason I thought these were elites so the ignored the 1 guy who was left cowering behind the aegis which would have gotten me another point. All told it ended up a straight 9-9 draw which I was very happy with considering what I was up against.

Round 2

Round 2 was against Kieron Buckley from D6 Gaming who was using Chaos Marines. I've played Kieron a few times and we always have a great laugh. He is a true Khorne player who refuses to use psychic powers in list (its just not Khorne!). His list was made up of a Lord on Juggernaut, 10 raptors 10 blood letters, Scarbrand, a helldrake, a landraider and a rhino both full of berserker's. The mission was using diagonal deployment and had 3 objectives across the middle of the table, one in the centre with the others being 18" to either side. The interesting thing about his mission is that on turn 4 a random objective disappeared but with no way to know which one it was going to be you need to be mobile enough to cover all 3. 

This was a horrible match for Kieron since he basically just had 2 las cannon shots to punch through my armoured wall and everything else was assault based. I gained first strike on his rhino during my turn 1 while he moved up. Turn 2 Scarbrand failed to turn up, the helldrake flew across the table tried to vector strike a doomsday cannon but failed to do anything, the blood letters landed on top of the objective on the left. He declared charges from the lord and raptor unit which failed an 8" charge, the berserker's from the land raider failed a 6" charge and only 2 berserker's (1 with a power fist) made it into combat with a ghost ark and only managed to glance it. My tomb blades came on from reserve and completely wiped the blood letters causing 18 hits on them with their blasts and the rest was pretty much just clean up. Doomsday cannon doubled out his lord and clipped one of my own annihilation barges and glanced it. My nightscythe came on and failed to do anything to the helldrake. By the end of turn 2 there was only the helldrake on the table. Turn 4 scarbrand deepstikes onto the table and gets tesla'd to death and I had taken 2 hull points off his helldrake. I then decide to stop shooting at the helldrake so I can get linebreaker next turn. I grab both objectives in the centre, grab linebreaker with an annihilation barge then fire my entire army at the helldrake finally bringing it down for a 9-0 win.

Round 3

The final game was straight up kill points with dawn of war deployment and I was up against Bob Doran who was using Death Wing with a culexus assassin. Bob is another one from D6 Gaming who I have played a number of times and its always a good laugh to play him. Since he was going first but deep striking his entire army turn 1 I castled up in the corner and figured it would simply be a case of how many 2+ saves could he roll before he managed to get into combat. Bob deployed the culexus in a ruin on the opposide side of the board out of line of sight and hoped I would forget he was there. He then surprised me by deepstriking Belial, his chaplin and his death wing knights right in the middle of my deployment between all of them. I had forgotten that Belial doesn't scatter and left a big enough gap for him to come down into, these then ran and spread out in a line while the other squads came in just outside of my deployment and took a few pot shots managing a single glancing hit on one annihilation barge. You can see from the picture how my turn 1 started and it basically meant I had this turn to deal with 27 terminators. The doomsday cannons turned slightly to the right so I could use the gauss flayer arrays on the Knights and the large blast on the grouped squads, the ghost arks stayed where they were and opened up from both sides and the annihilation barges focussed on the knights near the doomsday cannons. I managed to wipe out the knights, Belial, the Chaplin and leave 12 terminators alive

Bobs turn 2 he took a few shots at my vehicles and managed to charge, in total, 3 annihilation barges and 2 ghost arks. With this many power fist attacks I thought this was going to be it and I wouldn't have enough to deal with the rest of his guys. Surprisingly all of my annihilation barges survived with only minor damage being crew stunned or shaken which I ignore due to the Decurion detachment. His main focus though was the two ghost arks in the centre which both crumbled leaving my warriors on foot. For my turn 2 the tomb blades and night scythe came on and I pretty much fired everything I had into the terminator squads. With little else to do it was simply a case of rolling hundreds of dice and hoping he would fail some saves until I could get my lord into combat. The squad on the left of the picture rapid fired 3 terminators, killed 1 and then charged. I think this shocked us both as they stayed in combat for the next 3 rounds, losing 1 or two guys a turn but eventually killed both terminators in combat.

By turn 3 and 4 there was only the combat going on and since the warriors had the lone terminator surrounded I couldn't get my lord into combat with his warscythe. I had lost one of my warrior squads to the charging terminators but the rest of them terminators were gone. The doomsday cannon in a startling display of movement went and got me linebreaker on turn 5 and the rest of the army went hunting for the assassin. On turn 5 there was only the assassin left who had 3 tomb blades, 3 annihilation barges, a night scythe and 2 doomsday cannons aiming at him he eventually went down. giving me an 11-3 win

This had to be my favourite game of the weekend simply because of the silliness. Talking to Bob after the game  we thought this was probably the best move he could had done and by deepstriking close it was simply going to be how much shooting can I put out before he assaults and kills everything.


So with two wins and draw I managed to end up in second place and take my £20 voucher which I quickly spent on more tomb blades. Overall it was a really good event with lots of laughs all around as there always is at an Outpost event. Running through the games later on I did realize that I didn't play a single opponent who used a psychic power and my Lord never actually made it into combat. In fact my Lord was never even shot at, never needed to take his 2+ save or use his flamer. The Decurion detachment is very powerful if you use the right units and the changes to reanimation and gauss give the Necrons a great boost in survivability. Relentless and move through cover are very useful in the right circumstances allowing the ghost arks to move onto terrain without risk of being immobilised and allowing the warriors to rapid fire 20 shots then assault for 20 attacks.


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