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Appropriate List Building?

I always find it hard to come up with an appropriate list for certain events and pick up games and as a result I tend to fall into the trap of just taking either one extreme or another. In particular I've found myself turning up to a tournament with a woefully inadequate build when I'm looking across the tables or I find myself in the opposite situation where I'm apologising to my opponent before the game even begins. This became evident most recently when I went to a venue to participate in their escalation league match. Over the past few weeks we all started off with a 500 point game, went up to 1,000 points and then onto the 1,500 point limit. All of these are scripted scenarios with special missions and for my 1500 point game I was playing someone I have never met before so had no idea what I would be going up against. From asking around I found out two things about my opponent before our match, firstly they played Eldar and the second thing was that they had tabled b