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Why you should beat your kids

Obviously I'm talking about beating your kids at 40k, not just actually beating them with a stick. Of course, some kids actually deserve being beaten with a stick but that is a whole different topic. I'm talking about teaching your children how to play 40k how it was intended to be played. Utterly crushing an opponent and achieving the maximum amount of victory points you are able to gain during the game. Firstly I'd like to cover why you should teach your kids to play 40k in the first place, or indeed any time of competitive game. I remember a few years ago being accosted by one of "those" types of parents while picking my sons up from school who accused me of bad parenting because I allow my children to play violent games at home and she would never allow her son (probably called Sebastian or Tarquin) to behave in such uncivilised activities. Instead of punching her in the face like I wanted to do I went on to explain, at length, why I allow my kids to play t