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When is your army actually finished?

Gamers are hoarders, plain and simple. We all have those things that we bought and have no clue what to do with but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Or that pot of paint of nauseating blue, sickening pink or something similar that we never use but it would be absolutely perfect for some project you thought of doing 12 years ago and still haven't got around to yet. Not to mention bits boxes which could probably be used to build 3 entire armies and simply keeps growing no matter how often you organise and sort it out. This became more apparent to me when I was going through my paint desk and deciding on what actually needed doing next. Rather than actually painting anything I decided to make a list of what needed doing. This turned into making a list of what I have and then into what I needed to purchase next. We all know making any sort of list of this type should never ever be done by a gamer. Adding prices onto how you have spent on the hobby over the years is a deep dark

Put the wraiths back in 5th edition where they belong.

As a Necron player obviously I have wraiths, probably more than I should have to be perfectly honest but I rarely use them on the field. Clearly wraiths are good and a formidable force on the table top but I still can't wrap my head around why so many other Necron players use these as a go to, and in some cases almost mandatory, choice when selecting an army. This has never been more apparent than earlier this week when the highly anticipated tournament Caledonian Revolution published their list submissions and I was shocked to find that out of the 11 Necron players attending 9 of them have wraiths in their list, typically as part of the canoptek harvest formation. So, why do people use them and are they any good? To do any sort of meaningful comparison I took a look into all of the assault based units within the codex and mathammered the whole thing out as equally as possible and even though what I suspected turned out to be true I surprised myself with some of the numbers com