I'm back!

That's right folks, I've decided it's time to blow the dust off the keyboard and begin shouting into the void again. Rather than start a new blog I decided to take the time and effort to simply rename my previous blog, found a random theme and start posting up useless crap again. Now some of you may think that is the lazy option and you would probably be right. Of course, I would like to think this was a well thought out plan that weighed up the pros and cons between getting a new blog set up and actually creating content. Some of which might actually be entertaining.

Why Now?
Its been 5 years since Ex Sepulcrum (From the Tomb) went dark and a lot has changed since then. At the time it was very much a Warhammer 40k blog and more specifically it was mainly about Necrons. Around this time I started to fall out with the game in general and found I wasn't as enthusiastic as I once was. A new edition had arrived and I just wasn't feeling it so I moved onto something else. Now we have a shiny new edition of 40k just around the corner and some shiny new Necron models to look forward to.

What you can expect
Rather than pigeonhole myself into "yet another 40k blog" this place will be more about gaming in general. Some of it may involved 40k, Age of Sigmar, Bloodbowl, Necromunda and pretty much everything else associated with GW but I will also be covering other games. I've recently got into Star Wars Legion, I'm involved in two separate role playing campaigns for both D&D and Pathfinder. My painting area currently has about 30 models on it from 3 different systems. Warhammer quest and Decent are common Sunday activities with my kids and I'm currently playing two different MMOs as well as trying to "complete" half a dozen single player games. So content may switch based on whatever I feel like ranting about at the time.

I will attempt to publish at least something once a week and comments are always welcome, as are contributors who wish to write something and don't have a place of their own.

PR department said I had to put this:
Before we go any further please be aware that at times I may post something that offends you. I may talk about a guy I played or someone I was talking to and you may believe that person was you and I unfairly represented you. That is ok, you are perfectly within your rights to be offended. The smart thing to do at this point would be to close the browser and forget about the whole thing. Your other option of course is to make a comment about how offended you are but please be aware this will open you up to what I'm calling "return fire" in which I will explain to you why you are wrong and possibly why you are an idiot.
If you are easily offended I suggest you stop reading now.

Still with us?

Great. Welcome to Scoffism.


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